Eco-friendly construction

“The construction industry and buildings in general are an important part of our society and our lives. They have an important impact on issues of health and environment. In today’s world, Terra Verde believes that it has become essential, as a society and as individuals, to change our current way of doing things. We therefore propose homes for those who choose to forge ahead, with this objective in mind.” – Charles Benoit, Director General of Terra Verde Developments

Did you know that building an average-sized house can require more than 144 tons of construction material? Furthermore, in Canada, the residential sector accounts for 17% of the country’s total energy consumption and is responsible for 35% of waste produced in Quebec.

Terra Verde is dedicated to its mission of building environmentally friendly homes offering residents access to nearby urban amenities as well as the calm of nature, both in Gatineau and throughout the Outaouais region.

As environmentally friendly buildings, our homes meet enhanced criteria for energy efficiency, health and respect for the environment. In addition, they are inspected and certified by third parties, which means that they are subject to an independent quality control.

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LEED© Canada For Homes and Novoclimat Certifications

LEED© and Novoclimat are two programs with similar principles of operation. While one measures the overall environmental performance of a house, the other regulates the building of energy efficient houses to ensure good indoor air quality. From a distance, these two programs might seem to be in competition with each other. In reality, linking the two while building a new house allows us to attain high energy efficiency, all the while benefiting from government subsidies, thanks to Novoclimat, and a seal of environmental quality recognized throughout North America, thanks to LEED©.

A certified Novoclimat home provides better insulation, a more airtight seal around the structure and greater air exchange than the current building standard requires. As for the construction of a LEED© home, it goes much further in terms of reducing indoor pollutants, using sustainable and local materials, recycling building site waste and decreasing water usage in the building, among other measures. Independent organizations inspect and certify the adopted environmentally responsible measures, which ensures consumers a level of quality superior to that offered by typical construction practices.

What does Environmentally Responsible Building mean at TERRA VERDE?

Environmentally responsible construction aims to promote the health of the occupants, the respect for the environment and energy efficiency as defined below.

1. Health of the occupants

  • Choice of materials:
    • without VOC emissions (paint)
    • without formaldehyde (fibreboard panels)
  •  Air exchanger in every room
    • Humidity control
  • Favouring natural lighting
  • Breaker panels in the mechanical room
  • System to protect from radon (radioactive gas) emissions in the building

2. Respect for the environment

  • Choice of materials:
    • Sustainable, local (less than 880 km), FSC certified (when necessary)
  • Limited use of PVC
  • Decreased water usage:
    • Double-flush toilets
    • Water-saving shower heads
  • Landscaping that prevents overloading the rainwater drainage system
  • Designated space in each unit for recycle bins
  • Recycling construction debris and limiting the wasting of materials on the construction site

3. Energy efficiency

  • Construction of the building
    • High-efficiency building envelope meeting Novoclimat standards
      • Polyurethane insulation along the thermal bridge
      • Insulated foundation
    • Heat recovery air exchange – HRV
    • Energy Star windows and doors
    • Harnessing passive solar energy, south-facing window design
    • Electronic thermostats
  • Material specifications
    • Durable siding: brick, stone, masonry blocks, fibre cement and wood
    • Sustainable flooring: hardwood, bamboo, ceramic, slate
    • Countertops and cabinets in particleboard and formaldehyde-free melamine, natural wood, granite and quartz

Terra Verde cares about your health and well-being and strives to preserve the environment.

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To learn more about environmentally responsible construction you can visit the Ecohome web site – the leading source of information for sustainable housing in Canada.